Contract Research and Product Development

Electrochemical Sensors for Analytical Measurements

Heavy Metal Ion Sensing

A novel microfabricated electrochemical sensor has been developed for the detection and measurement of heavy metal ions in aqueous media.

Infectous Disease

Diagnosing infectious diseases using hand-held, battery powered with low cost and low power electrochemcial sensors

Fuel Cells

The energy for the future

Redox Flow Cells

Looking for alternative solutions for our energy problems

Smart Metering and Water Quality Monitoring

As smart water meters continue to roll out across the globe. The growing concern of how much water is used and what exactly is in our water continue to be topical questions.

Screen Printed Electrodes

Providing low cost solution for single time use enviromental monitoring units.

Our Skills


Enviromental Monitoring

Water Quality Sensors.

Biomedical Analysis

Point-of-care Systems

Technology Consulting

Due Diligence & Proof-of-Concept.

Internet of Things

Wide area deployment and high spatial resolution .

A Little About Us

Electrochemical Sensors for Surface Science and Analytical Measurements

Oxford Biosensors is focused on product development and licensing key technologies for water quality monitoring devices based on electrochemical (bio)sensors and point-of-care testing equipment.

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With over a decade of valuable and varied industry experience, we’re incredibly proud of the people who make our business what it is.

Dr Grzegorz OrlowskiChief Technology Officer


Dr Habibur RahmanTechnology Developer


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Electrochemical Sensors for Enviromental and Biomedical Analysis

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